Cabin with a view at the Dalsøren Camping in Luster

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In the province of Sogn og Fjordane lies the 42 kilometre long Lustrafjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord. The Lustrafjord reaches the most inland of al the tributaries and is accompanied by a lot of small and almost romantic roads along the most amazing of views.

Dalsøren Camping, Luster
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Along the north side of the fjord lies the Highway 55, one of the most important roads to the mountains of Jotunheimen. This makes the area the perfect base for hiking the Besseggen.

Also lying along the Lustrafjord, along Highway 55, lies the village of Luster. A very idyllic place that is the home to the Urnes stave church, world heritage according to UNESCO since 1979. But apart from this amazing piece of architecture, you can also find a beautiful campground called Dalsøren Camping in Luster.

How to get to Dalsøren Camping, Luster

You can use the following adress to navigate to: Luster, 6872, Norway. If this doesn’t work you can use Bringebakkane 2, Luster, Norway as an alternative.

After the ferry trip, coming from Aurlandsdalen, it is a one hour drive to Dalsøren. Cross the bridge at the village Sogndal and pay good attention to take the FIRST right immediately after corssing. You now start driving the route 55 to Gaupne and Lom. From Gaupne on you start driving a new national tourist route called Sognefjellet! As soon as you arrive to Luster, you can’t miss it. You see the campground at your right hand along the fjord.

Cabin Luster

Our experience

This campsite turned out to be the perfect place for us to relax after a long day. It is a place where you can find peace and quiet and can completely forget about everything around you. The perfect timing for us to come across a place like this, since we just did quite an intense hike through Aurlandsdalen and were preparing for the Besseggen Ridge the next day.

You can also rent bikes and canoes at the main building or go for a very relaxing hike in the evening if you want to get away from the other campers for a while.

Cabin Luster

Dalsøren features their own snackbar and recreation room. There is WiFi to be found at the main building that’s free, but I can guarantee that you don’t need internet while you’re here. We were way to busy enjoying the amazing views. Our cabin was right next to the fjord, so we could sit on our little porch and watch the tides of the fjord change. The sound of the rippling water was super relaxing! From the pier you had an even better view at the fjord and it made a perfect place for fishing as well.

Cabin Luster

We even had a big stone barbecue in our front yard! How cool is that?! Some cabins have their own dining area and little kitchen, in case you prefer to cook inside. There is no running water inside the cabins, but there is a jerry can with which you can go get water at the little building in the middle of the campsite. You can also do your dishes and laundry here and take a shower with shower coins you can get at the check-in.

Cabin Luster

You can choose between a place to park your camper/put up your tent or a bungalow to rent up to 6 persons and pets are very welcome at the campsite! Our cabin was pretty basic, but we only spend 7 hours in there to get a good night of sleep. And who needs luxury with a view like this anyways?

Do you want to visit Dalsøren Camping this summer? Make sure you book beforehand to prevent yourself from arriving at an overbooked camping. It’s a very pretty and popular place, so that might just happen.


Cabin Luster

Do you want more pictures, information or spend the night there? Visit the website!

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